Friday, June 13, 2008

Sathuragiri - The abode of God

Sathuragiri Santhana Mahalingam
Once at Kailash, Lord Siva and Parvathi were worshipped by several saints, ganas, siddhars and sanyasis. When everybody made pradakshinam to both one Maharishi called "Bringi" made pradakshinam to Lord Siva only, ignoring Parvathi. When Parvathi asked Lord Siva as to why Bringi Maharishi did not pay his tributes to her, Lord Siva explained that those who have left everything and think only about "Moksha House" will perform duties that way and at the end they will join me and those who wish to enjoy "Ishta Kamya Moksha" will worship her and enjoy everything in life. Since everybody wanted to enjoy "Ishta Kamya Moksha" in life they paid their tributes to both and this Bringi wanted only "Moksha", he paid tributes only to Lord Siva. On hearing this Parvathi Devi cursed Bringi Maharishi and he lost all flesh from his body since flesh is sakthi form. Bringi Maharishi was unable to stand without sakthi and fell down. On seeing this Lord Siva, to protect his devoted/realised disciple, threw a stick with which, the Maharishi walked away.

On seeing this, Parvathi decided that if only she become "Ardha Nari " on left side of Siva, she will be able to achieve her goals and thought to do a pooja/thavam/penance to appease Lord Siva to grant her the position. Parvathi Devi left Lord Siva and went to find a suitable place and on reaching the hill she sat under the shades of "Kallala Tree" and started her meditation. The tree was near to "Sattanadha Muni Siddhar" cave. There was no rain for nearly 12 years in that place and on the presence of Goddess, the entire place flowered back with greenary. On seeing the Goddess, the Muni went and received her by paying tributes and enquired about her arrival at the place. On hearing the message, the Muni arranged everything and Parvathi Devi made a Prathishtanam of Linga with Sandalwood Paste. Goddess worshipped Lord Siva with flowers, mantras and meditation. On being appeased, Lord Siva appeared on his "Rishaba Vahana" and accepted the demand of Goddess. On their return Lord Siva proclaimed that since the Siva Lingam was worshipped by Parvathi Devi, it should be worshipped only by Maharishis only and those who wish for "Kamya Loka" should not do pooja to the lingam. And if they do so, they may stand to hate "Ishta Kamya Loka" and will become "Moksha Desired" person and ultimately join him. Lord Siva blessed everybody and went away. After that, Satta Natha Muni worshipped the "Santhana Lingam" and "Chanangi Muni" followed suit.

It is also said in Siva Puranam that the four Vedas joined together and formed this mountain and that is why it is called Chathur(ved)agiri.

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